Types of Services


Currently I am available for part-time, full time or project-based work. I can lead as a  consultant, participate as an adjunct team member or contribute as an independent contractor.

Strategic (list not all-inclusive):

  • Conduct in-depth research — dissecting market trends, customer journeys, brand performance, target potential and competitive intelligence
  • Develop differentiated brand positioning concepts and message strategies that offer competitive advantage and deepen customer relationships
  • Define critical, contextual opportunities to strengthen brand meaning, experience and connections
  • Shape strategic concepts, assess brand/creative directions and/or brainstorm on innovation/new products
  • Identify best prospects for growth including demographic profiles and attitudinal/behavioral insights
  • Interview prospects for brand perceptions, understanding, experience and challenges


  • Develop relevant case studies
  • Write research reports (focus group research, survey results. etc.) and/or client presentations
  • Author social media content including blogs and/or white papers


  • Consult/collaborate on key business issues, bring in different perspectives, help shape thinking
  • Fill in as temporary help on account/project management team

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