A quick email marketing tip that’s often overlooked


There are a lot of internet marketers with advice on how to create an email marketing campaign. Some advise on how to best generate leads, while others outline the principles for building brand relationships (hint: an effective campaign should always do both). In either case, I won’t reiterate the strategic processes or “how-to” steps. You and Google are on your own with that.

Rather, what I’d like to do is introduce one tip rarely mentioned in how-to internet advice, and it’s a critical one: when building an email campaign, consider the context of email checking.

Email checking is fast – 10 seconds on average. Also, and I say this as both a fact and a confession, it’s a compulsion. On average, we check email 34 times a day. 20% of us check our phone every 10 minutes. We do it while we’re at the table with companions, standing in the checkout line, helping our kids with homework or worst of all, when we’re  driving.  And so, when we’re checking, we’re paying a price — socially, productively and even emotionally. We can’t seem  to stop. Why is that?

Because on some level, it fuels our need to feel important. We are addicted to the anticipation. Send me something good, I’m delighted. My compulsion is reinforced.  Each time I click my email, I’m a junkie looking for a fix.

Viewing your recipient through the “fix-seeking junkie” lens will challenge you to design a more creative message. Your reader is hurried, anxious, compulsively checking and feeling guilty — and in a sliver of a moment you must deliver a valuable, brand-supporting message. Your challenger is deletion.

Okay, you have less than 10 seconds — now, go!




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